5* Hilton Bomonti, Istanbul

Four Max-3 Boiler have been installed in the 5* Hilton Bomonti Hotel in Istabul. Many years ago the Hotel has been a brewery of the delicious Bomonti which is still sold in Turkey.

The target of the architects from the Hotel Bomonti in Istanbul was to us energy-efficient and renewable products. Our partner "Daikin" in Istanbul is one of the climate technology companys with the widest product range. Daikin sells our Hoval Products in Turkey and also supported the solution for the Hilton Bomonti.
  • Power saving and high efficiency
  • Low CO2 emissions due to minimal consumption
  • Outstanding emissions values due to power adjustment (modulation) of LowNOx burners
  • Cost-efficient solution due to low investment cost
Environment friendly due to lowest noxious emission
Power saving and high efficiency due to large water capacity
Large range of applications due to flexible combination options
Easy to use due to intelligent design details