Hoval Solarsystems

The flexible solar systems from Hoval convince with excellent quality

The municipal utilities of Vienna has installed 8 of our Hoval GFK-ALGT 10 large area collectors. Each of them has a surface of 10 m2. This type of collector is designed for large scale constructions. Everywhere you need a big amount of domestic water, such as public buildings, office complexis, hospitals or hotels etc. this collector is a good choice. In the municipal utilities of Vienna they need the collector field to provide solar heated DHW for the employees (shower and kitchen). By using a crane and the collector crane hook it is simple to bring it on the top of each roof. Best parameters together with a high selective absorber coating gurantees a high annual yield.

Hoval equipment installed: 
• 8 x Hoval GFK-ALGT 10 collector 
• Hoval solar charging station HZL Max 
• Hoval EnerVal storage tank 
• UltraGas 

Hoval GFK-ALGT advantages at a glance: 
• High efficiency per m2 collector 
• Meander absorber with a high selective coating 
• ESG Solar glas 
• Aluminium backplate

Use clear solar energy efficiently
CO2- and emission free 
power saving high-efficiency pumps   
High solar gain saves energy costs 
High solar gain by cutting-edge technology
Savings in heating and hot water energy costs

Flexible planning and installation
Low height - High stability due to aluminum die-cast frame - all types of installation possible

A mounting system for all collectors
Quick installation with a comfortable plug-in system
Easy hydraulic connection - by meander and 4 ports