Hoval Industrial Boilers

The flexible industrial boiler systems equipped by Hoval, weather steam or hot water convince by excellent quality.
Our industrial boilers represent the technological state-of-the-art and our innovative solutions offer extremely low energy consumption in keeping with our motto "Responsibility for energy and environment".  

Hoval industrial boilers advantages at a glance:


All applications – hotwater and steam will be covered by our high efficient and innovative solutions.

Finned tubedwall or return water injector effect are innovative developements made by Hoval to underline our claim „ conservation of energy, protection of environment »      

Clean combustion 
Large firebox, thereby pollutant reduced combustion by low flame tube-end temperature
Split system for high efficiency
Steam boiler in combination with hot water boiler
The system efficiency is increased significantly   
Reversing chamber with finned tube wall
Entire water-cooled chamber instead of lining
Lower radiation losses    
Hinged front door
The entire front door can be swung- A perfect access to the boiler for cleaning and service is given.