Hoval Gas condensing boilers

Hoval has installed in an office complex fully condensing UltraGas® boilers. These boilers support the overall heating system which is one of the most modern systems in the region. The building is heated and cooled by using sun and ground water heat-pumps whereas the gas condensing boilers match the required heating load.

Hoval UltraGas® advantages at a glance:

  • aluFer heat exchanger technology which provides maximum efficiency
  • clean premix burner technology Hoval UltraClean which provides lowest emissions
  • low electrical power consumption and low noise in operation
  • trend setting control
Easiest system integration
Lowest emissions - protection of the environment
Best product-lifecycle cost radio
Lowest maintenance cost

Two fully condensing hot water boilers type UltraGas (500D), with each 250 kW heating output.