Thermalia® dual (17.5 - 181.1)
Large stainless steel heat exchangers

ensure optimum heat transfer to the heating water, generate high water temperatures and provide excellent efficiency.

Large front doors

permit optimum accessibility for technical maintenance of the heat pump.

System controller TopTronic® E

makes ecological, economical, reliable and smart heating easier than ever before.

Dual technology

Two independent cooling circuits improve operating reliability.

Two output levels

Fewer start-ups improve cost-effectiveness and increase service life.

Sound-optimised design

Pleasant, quiet running thanks to 3-bearing, soundoptimised and thermally separated construction.

Small installation space of only 1 m²

Thermalia® dual (17.5 - 181.1)

Monoblock earth and ground water heat pump with a heat output of 17,5–181.1 kW for larger buildings.

Two output levels ensure optimum operation, higher efficiency and a long service life. Extremely reliable operation thanks to the two separate cooling circuits.

The Thermalia® earth and ground water heat pumps extract valuable energy from the earth or from ground water. With a verified COP value of up to 6,07, they generate more heat from the electrical energy input than any other heat pump technology.

The Thermalia® heat pump range covers all fields of application, from a single family home to medium-sized residential, commercial or municipal buildings. In their standard design, the devices are capable of generating flow temperatures of 60 to 62 °C. The H design can even produce temperatures of up to 70 °C. All models are available with a passive cooling function.

Use of ecological environmental energy
With 20 % use of energy 100 % heat gain
Complete and flexible
Simple planning, quiet operation