Thermalia® comfort (5.8 - 22.3)
Ready-to-connect compact unit

with a robust frame construction made from zinc-plated steel and powder-coated side walls to ensure a long service life.

Large stainless steel heat exchangers

ensure optimum heat transfer to the heating water, generate high water temperatures and provide excellent efficiency.

Sound-insulating floor mat
System controller TopTronic® E

makes ecological, economical, reliable and smart heating easier than ever before.

RPM-regulated high-efficiency pumps

ensure energy-saving operation.

Sound-insulated casing

for extremely low-noise operation.

Removable side walls

ensure convenient access to all components for maintenance work.

Thermalia® comfort (5.8 - 22.3)

Monoblock earth and ground water heat pump with a heat output of 5.8–22.3 kW for single family homes or semi-detached houses.

The Thermalia® earth and ground water heat pumps extract valuable energy from the earth or from ground water. With a verified COP value of up to 6,28, they generate more heat from the electrical energy input than any other heat pump technology.

The Thermalia® (6 - 17) models are fitted with
high-efficiency, RPM-regulated circulation pumps. This significantly reduces the energy consumption, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of your Thermalia® system.

With a Hoval heat pump in conjunction with a Hoval solar plant, you can transform your house into a small power station that will cover the bulk of energy requirements using sustainable, ecological and clean energy sources. Using the air, earth and sun as energy suppliers is intelligent and worthwhile."

Use of ecological environmental energy
With 20 % use of energy 100 % heat gain
Complete and flexible
Simple planning, quiet operation