MultiJet® Oil Condensing boiler
Powerful, blue flame technology

achieves combustion with very low emissions. The large water capacity of MultiJet® reduces the number of energy-intensive burner starts.

Stainless steel jet stages

improve the effectiveness of condensation, thereby enhancing energy recovery from hot exhaust gases and reducing fuel consumption by over 12 %.

Separate high and low temperature returns

create ideal conditions for condensation and thus enhance energy recovery from the exhaust gases. The return line can be connected on the left or right as needed.

Boiler base with neutralisation box (optional)

for draining condensate directly into the drainage system.

MultiJet® (12-25)

State-of-the-art condensing boiler technology for efficient use of valuable oil resources. Suitable for all grades of kerosene heating oil* - ideal for upgrading small heating systems.

The patented jet heat exchanger and two-stage low-NOx burner are the technological core of the MultiJet®. With the latest condensing boiler technology for use with all types of heating oil, it enables economical and responsible use of valuable energy:

Compared to a low-temperature heating system, efficiency is increased by up to 15% – reducing emissions by up to 20% at the same time!

The vertically layered arrangement of the seven jet stages gives the MultiJet® its compact, slim form. Flexible connections permit it to be installed close to walls, saving additional space.

* (Standard heating oil EL, low-sulphur heating oil EL;  admixing up to 10 % FAME is possible)

Extremely low in emissions
Excellent condensation efficiency due to jet technology
Compact and space-saving
Easy to install, reliable operation