Belaria® twin A/AR (17.2 - 31.6)
RPM-regulated axial fan

for very quiet operation and low energy consumption.

Weatherproof casing
Microprocessor control

for optimum operation of the heat pump

Cold circuit

with refrigerant R410A

2 scroll compressors

for high efficiency.

Large evaporator

with low pressure loss.

Belaria® twin A/AR (17.2 - 31.6)

2-stage heat pump in monoblock design for outdoor installation; for renovations and new buildings.

Belaria® air/water heat pumps use energy from the free ambient air for room and water heating. In this way, they are highly efficient and offer an attractive price/performance ratio.

  • Outdoor installation
  • 3 output ratings from 17 to 32 kW
  • 2 compressors resulting in 2 output stages
  • Latest fan technology for low noise emissions
  • Optional cooling function (AR models)
  • TopTronic® E controller in wall-mounted control panel inside the building.
Use of ecological ­environmental energy
Top marks in cost effectiveness
Compact and complete
Extremely quiet ­operation