Dry flue gas collector

The flue gas collector is not water-cooled, thus preventing the build-up of hazardous condensate and consequent corrosion damage.

Thermolytic heating surface

for consistently efficient heat transfer.

Uno-3 enables a flexible design

either with a fully automatic 2-stage or modulating oil, gas or dual fuel burner.

Acoustic shroud (optional)

for effective sound and heat insulation.


The Uno-3 boiler has a three pass design and thermolytic heat exchanger.  This commercial boiler which runs on gas, oil or dual fuel has high efficiency with low NOx emissions, and as such makes good economic and environmental sense.

Uno-3 boilers are available as heating only applications for small to medium commercial buildings. They are suitable for both new build and replacement projects. Maximum operating temperature is 90°C and maximum working pressures is 4 or 5 bar depending on the model. There is also a higher temperature model available for maximum operating temperature to 105°C and the maximum working pressure is 3 or 4 bar depending on the model.