Belaria® SHM (11-16)
Outdoor unit

for energy extraction

Indoor unit

In 2 phases up to a flow temperature of 80 °C

Hot water comfort

With the hot water tank from Hoval

Existing radiators

do  not need to be replaced

Belaria® SH plus Solar

Enhanced efficiency in terms of the environment

Belaria® SHM (11-16)

Modulating high-temperature heat pump system in split design; for old building renovations and upgrade of heating systems

Belaria® air/water heat pumps use energy from the free ambient air for room and water heating. In this way, they are highly efficient and offer an attractive price/performance ratio.

  • Cost-efficient solution for renovations and new buildings
  • First-rate efficiency levels due to power adjustment (modulation)
  • Low noise due to RPM-regulated compressors and fans
  • Excellent efficiency even at high temperatures
  • Ideal for renovations: existing radiators can be reused.
Use of ecological ­environmental energy
Top marks in cost effectiveness
Compact and complete
Extremely quiet ­operation